Virtual Pre-Departure Live Chat: Middle East and North Africa

Welcome to our virtual pre-departure briefing event. Our team will be online on the 19th of July from 3pm until 5pm (BST/GMT+1) to answer any questions you may have about the University of Birmingham.

Your questions will be posted on this feed once it has been answered, which might take a little time if we receive a lot of questions. Please don’t worry if you don’t see your question and its answer immediately – you only need to submit each question once and keep an eye on the feed for when the answer is posted.

During this Pre-Departure Briefing you can get specific information about travelling to the UK from your country. Each country also has its own dedicated page on our website. There is also some information available on practical matters (such as what to pack and starting your university life in Birmingham).

Speaker profiles

  • Chris Taylor

    Regional Manager – Birmingham International Academy and Middle East

  • Natalie Flood

    International Recruitment

  • Zuzanna Lazowy-Bassi

    International Recruitment

  • Nerisa Anwar

    College of Life and Environmental Sciences

  • Chris Kershaw

    College of Life and Environmental Sciences

  • Anita Ghag

    College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

  • Nina Morris

    College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Q&A Archive

These were the questions asked during the Virtual Pre-Departure Live Chat: Middle East and North Africa live event.
Chris Taylor asked:

Thank you!

Chris replied:

Many thanks for your questions, we look forward to seeing many of you in September!

Lara asked:

Good afternoon, I’d like to ask about your side courses. Can I, for example, take French and Psychology alongside my major which is Biomedical science?

Chris replied:

Hi Lara

You would possibly be able to take French as an additional class, but not as a credit bearing module.  Psychology would not be available as a class or additional module but, we do have a Psychology Society you could take part in at the Student Guild (Union).

There maybe some optional modules for Biomedical Science that cover aspects of Psychology?

Alya asked:

Hello! I had a quick question about finances. I know that I need to prove my ability to secure funds for my first year tuition plus living expenses to have my visa approved, but in what form is that proof required? A bank statement? Thank you!

Zuzanna replied:

Hi Alya,

Many thanks for you question!

Unfortunately, I can’t advise you on visa proceedings, however our website contains a lot of visa-related information.

Additionally, we have representatives in most countries and they are able to help you with visa process – to find your nearest representative, please visit our International Country page, select your country and at the bottom of the page you will see the list of representatives available to help you.

Many thanks,

Zuzanna Lazowy-Bassi

Sumbulina Intikhab asked:

Hi, i am an international student enrolled in a distance learning M.ed course with a conditional offer. I would like to know about funding my degree. I saw only two ways and none of it mentions related to distance learning.

Chris Kershaw replied:

Hi Sumbulina,

Thank you for getting in touch with us today. I’ve sent a link below to ou International Fees and Funding page, which will give you more information about financing for studying here at the University of Birmingham.

If you with to speak to someone directly with regards to International funding, then the best contact number is: +44 121 414 8464

I hope this helps.



Chris Taylor asked:

Hi, I have received my conditional offer to start my PhD in September in IIICH. Unfortunately, my masters defense date has been postponed due to jury’s conflicting schedule. A certificate won’t be issued until the start of the new semester. Can I defer my admission to a later date?

Chris replied:

Hi Mia

This is possible if your supervisor is available.  You simply reply to the email provided in your offer letter and let them know you would like to defer your offer.  They will then tell you the next possible start date.