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  • Dr Adrian Wright

    Admissions Tutor, School of Chemistry

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These were the questions asked during the School of Chemistry – Live Question and Answer Session live event.



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Denise asked:

As chemistry students, does the schedule allow us to have a job and still keep up with our school work?

Adrian Wright replied:

Thank you for your question. Yes, many of our students choose to have work commitments or sporting activities and are still able to succeed in their studies. It does mean that these students need to plan their time well to ensure they are able to balance their efforts appropriately. Indeed, this ability to manage your time successfully is an important skill that will impress any potential employer. Clearly, our students primary focus needs to be on their studies and a student’s personal tutor is there to talk with them if they have any concerns with their workload.

I hope that answers.

Prakirti asked:

With my student visa, what kind of work can I do? And what work will be offered to me on campus? What is the minimum wage?

Adrian Wright replied:

The amount of work you can undertake will depend on what is allowed in your visa. For more details please see:

There are a wide range of jobs that you can undertake and a good place to look is on the Guild of Students website. Unfortunately, the listing of jobs is only available to current students but you can at least see the support that will be available to find work around the university. The Guild is run by our students for our students.

I believe the UK minimum wage for 18-20 years olds is £5.60 per hour, but most jobs will offer higher than that.

I hope these answer your questions.

Prakirti asked:

Is it safe to come to Birmingham to study right now, considering the attacks in Manchester and London?

Adrian Wright replied:

Fortunately, these events are rare and we are reassured that we have some of the best police and security services dedicated to protecting all of us living here in the UK. At the University of Birmingham we have our own separate campus environment and I would hope that if you speak to our students, they would tell you that they feel safe both on campus and when they visit Birmingham, or any area of the UK.

Prakirti asked:

Which co-curricular activities are offered on campus?

Adrian Wright replied:

Thank you for your question. Our students have the opportunity to undertake additional courses to support their learning and enhance this key skills throughout there time with us.  We offer a wide range of courses, including to support mathematics, writing skills or learning another language. At the moment, our current Year 2 students are taking part in an industry challenge (not for credit), where they work in teams to solve a challenge set by a company. This year RB are setting the challenges for our students.

I hope that give you some insight into what we offer our students.

Best wishes,