Computer Science & PwC – Degree Apprenticeship Live Q&A

Join staff from the School of Computer Science, and colleagues from PwC, online to ask any questions you have about this new and exciting programme here at Birmingham.

BSc Computer Science with Digital Technology Partnership

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Please note that during the chat session your question will not show up in the chat window until it has answered. We will answer any questions as soon as we can, however during busy periods this can take a little longer.

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Speaker profiles

  • Helen Whitby

    Admissions and Marketing Coordinator
    School of Computer Science

  • Dr Mark Lee

    Programme Director, BSc Computer Science with Digital Technology Partnership

  • Nic O'Connor

    Early Identification Manager, PwC

  • Nicki Maglione

    Digital Marketing and Communications Officer, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Q&A Archive

These were the questions asked during the Computer Science & PwC – Degree Apprenticeship Live Q&A live event.
Helen asked:

Thanks for joining us!

Helen replied:

Thanks for your enquiries this evening everyone!  Please drop me an email ( if you want to ask anything else and I’ll get back to you directly.

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Z asked:

While choosing candidates do u look at personal statements or just the prodicted grades

Helen replied:

Hello, we look at both.  This information is used to see if you meet our academic criteria.  If you do you’ll be invited to complete the supplementary application form, which will you ask you more specifically related questions

Tim asked:

Will any part of the assessment day involve maths or anything we have studied for A-Level?

Nic replied:

Hi, no you will not be required to do a maths test.

Mary asked:

I applied for this programme about 4 weeks ago, should I be worried that I’ve not had the supplementary application form or have they not started being sent out yet?

Helen replied:

Hi Mary

No, as it’ll be me sending the SAF out to you 🙂

Although UCAS were accepting applications, there will still things that needed to be confirmed within the University.  We are now in a position and are considering applicants, so I expect to be sending this out to suitable applicants within the next week or so.

Tim asked:

When you say the salary is enough for students to live in, do you mean someone could be totally finanically independent from parents?

Mark Lee replied:

Yes – assuming you are careful with your finances.