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Join staff and students from the School of Computer Science online to ask any remaining questions you have and find out about the great student experience the University of Birmingham has to offer.

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Please note that during the chat session your question will not show up in the chat window until it has answered. We will answer any questions as soon as we can, however during busy periods this can take a little longer.

The live sessions will take place 1-3pm and 5-7pm UK time (GMT +1). The chat will remain open for questions between the two sessions; any questions submitted during this time will be answered when the live session resumes.

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Speaker profiles

  • Dr Nick Hawes

    Admissions Tutor, School of Computer Science

  • Helen Whitby

    Admissions and Marketing Coordinator
    School of Computer Science

  • Tsanimir Sakutov

    3rd year BSc Computer Science student (from Bulgaria)

  • Alexandra Paduraru

    2nd Year BSc Computer Science with Year in Industry (from Romania)

  • Tom Sammons

    MSc Computer Science student (previously studied his BSc Computer Science at Birmingham)

  • Gwen Wong

    Final year BSc Computer Science with Year in Industry student

Q&A Archive

These were the questions asked during the School of Computer Science – Live Question and Answer session live event.
Talha asked:

Is there way we can actually pay all our university fees?

Tsanimir Sakutov replied:

Hey Talha,

University fees in the UK are usually paid each semester or yearly (that is assuming you are not eligible for or won’t be using the Student Finance loan). Paying for the whole of your course in advance might not be allowed since it wouldn’t be a good idea if you later decide to change your degree to a Masters or end up doing a Year in Industry or a Year Abroad. You can find more information about tuition fees here and here.

Hope that has answered your question,


Sebastian Stanici asked:

Hello everyone! I was looking over the internet to find out what companies usually hire CS students from UoB? And.. do companies like Google/Facebook happen to hire for summer time internships from University of Birmingham? Thank you!

Tsanimir Sakutov replied:

Hi Sebastian,

Indeed, the University of Birmingham and in particular the School of Computer Science is highly respected by the industry and all major technological companies would hire our students. It is up to you to apply for the internship positions in companies you would like to work in. The companies you listed alongside many more like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM etc. certainly provide such internships, and having a university like ours on your CV would be a great advantage to getting that spot.

You can find lots of information here.

I took on an internship in Barclays, one of Europe’s biggest investment banks, this summer whilst three of my friends and coursemates went to IBM, EY, and Accenture respectively. So whether it is Financial Technology, Technology Consulting, Games Development or Software Development you’re interested in, there will always be very good job opportunities for our students. That being said the market is indeed very competitive so you need to be ‘industry ready’. The University’s own careers body called Careers Network is here to help you with that by checking your CV, doing mock interviews with you etc.

Hope that helps! Best of luck.


h asked:


h replied:

Hi Everyone, we’re back online until 7pm if you want to ask us anything

Helen asked:

The chat is about to end, but we’ll be back online 5-7pm BST (GMT+1) today

Helen replied:

See you then!

Kutay asked:

Hello! As an international student coming to your university, how east is it for us to find a job and stay in England after we graduate?

Gwen replied:

Hi! Speaking as a final year international university student from Singapore, I found that getting a job (especially in computer science) to be moderately easy! The university regularly has career days whereby several companies such as IBM, Goldman Sachs and others would be invited to our atrium to advertise their companies and give our students a feel of the type of work they would be doing.

Personally, I took advantage of this and interned in IBM for my placement year, and am set to work with Salesforce as a graduate job!